Using the Sony Spresense Board

This week I’ve been lucky enough to have been given a pre-release Sony Spresense board, which may turn out to make the perfect Datalogger platform for my internship soil probe!

The development board is essentially, as it’s been explained to me, a breakout board for Sony’s new ultra-low power IoT chip. The idea is that you develop a prototype using the breakout board before finalising your product and using just the chip for the final product, ideal for small applications like smartwatches and such.

It looks great but my favourite parts are that you can use the Arduino IDE to develop sketches for it and it has an amazing 4-channel audio DAC! Perfect for the 3-channel accelerometer, I’ve already used the demo sketches to make simple mono recordings of me tapping the desk and it picks up quite nicely, the sensors seem to be very low-noise too which is unexpected!

Little progress on the probe itself so far, the auger bit looks great but I’m waiting on a force gauge to experiment with just how easily the bit can penetrate soil.


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