YouTrack ‘AutoPoker’ Plugin

My first real task at my new job at Focusrite is probably one of the scariest things I could have made; A plugin for Jetbrains’ YouTrack with the potential to spam email everyone at the company once a minute. Luckily, I think I managed to make it without instantly becoming public enemy #1.

The plugin (or ‘workflow’ as Jetbrains call them) uses a custom field; an integer number of days, to send an email to the assignee of an issue if it goes X amount of days without activity. Each issue is checked via Cron at 7am every morning and only the assignee is sent this prompt email. Only one email is sent (not wanting to be the spam guy in week 1) per period of inactivity. So, if someone receives this email and comments on the issue to say “Got the email, I’m still working on it” then the timer is reset and another email is sent after another X days.

Here it is on Github, feel free to implement it with your own YouTrack boards! All you have to do is add a new custom integer field, add a new workflow, add an ‘on-schedule’ rule to that workflow and add the name of your custom field to the workflow code. Then, attach it to a board and you’re good to go!


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