I’m George Harris and I’m a Music Technology Systems student

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve been interested in music. I’ve played the guitar since I was a kid and taught people of all ages for the last four years, stopping to start studying at The University of York in 2016. As a young teenager, I started becoming interested in recording music and began visiting studios, playing on recordings and observing the engineers, to use what I’d seen to record myself at home.

Some of my projects on this site were part of assignments or coursework and others were just for fun or just something I could use, but they’ve all been part of a learning process for me and have all been built to exceed expectations. It’s a rare thing for me to stick solely to a brief and not extend it as a personal challenge.

At the University of York, I study Electronics with Music Technology Systems (Meng), combining my love of music, music production, programming and electronics. The course allowed me to join The Institute of Engineering and Technology as a Student Member and use their resources to expand my skills and knowledge outside of lectures.

My goal has always been to make things that I enjoy and serve a purpose. If something does both, that’s fantastic and if anything proves useful to others, even better.